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Custom-Fit Solutions For Multi-Industry Applications

Technical Information

Selecting Polyballs™, the proper screening machine, and other industrial separation equipment for any application requires careful evaluation of many variables – feed rate, vibrating speed of the machine, screen mesh size, capacity, accuracy of separation, and the countless sizes and shapes of material. At Americule, we help create a custom-fit solution that best meets the unique needs of your application.

Polyball™ compounds can be used in gyratory, vibratory, and pressurized screeners and are available in specific compounds. They have been tested according to ASTM standards.
Polyballs are high-bounce polyurethane screen cleaning balls that are FDA acceptable for direct food contact.

Polyballs™ from Americule are produced as solid, elastomeric polyurethane with extraordinarily efficient temperature and endurance properties.

We added the magnetic steel core Polyball™ to our product line for companies with magnetic separators or metal detectors. This provides for greater safety and effectiveness than balls without steel cores. There is no need for in-line magnetic traps that normally capture particles, chips and fragments of other balls which escape the ball tray and enter your product stream. Testing conducted at a leading manufacturer found excellent detection results when the Polyballs™ were mixed in with dry, non-conductive products.

Our Quality Control department standards for all of our products are the highest in the industry. It’s high quality and efficiency that is an integral part of our service commitment to you. For more information or specific documentation on any product from Americule, please contact us!