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Safety Standards

A Certified Safe and Healthy Business

Safety Standards | Employee Satisfaction


Polyurethane products are made through a chemical reaction. Although, in a solid state, Americule’s Polyball™ products are quite safe and FDA acceptable in the food industry, safety precautions are a necessary part of our production process.

Download the Polyball Safety Data Sheet for specific information on Americule’s Polyball™ material composition and safety specifications.

Not only do all Americule employees work hard every day to make sure we ship safe products to our customers, we work to keep a safe and healthy shop for all of our employees.


Americule Inc. is certified as a safe and healthy business by CompSolve Inc., an OSHA compliance and workplace safety consultant. Employees are trained in safety procedures including hazardous material handling, PPE requirements, energy control and lockout/tagout procedures, forklift operation, respirator use, fire safety, hearing conservation and dealing with bloodborne pathogens.

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