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Growth and customer retention tell the true Americule story.

Americule was incorporated in June of 1994 with a dream of becoming a world contender in polyurethanes. Nearly a quarter of a century later, this dream has become a reality.

James H. McLaughlin, founder and president of Americule, began with humble beginnings. For several years, James was the only employee – bringing home the Polyball™ product in five-gallon buckets for his family to help prepare for shipment. That was when the orders were in the hundreds per week. Now Americule molds and ships thousands a day.

In 1995 Americule produced 15,200 polyurethane sifting balls and two decades later in 2015 Americule sold more than 2.5 million Polyballs™.

James also dreamed of having Americule become a family business, hoping one or all of his three daughters would be interested in joining him in servicing the abrasion-resistant industry. Today, his youngest daughter, Janis McLaughlin Marshall, is his right-hand gal, while his oldest daughter’s husband, Clinton Vining, is his left-hand man. In Europe, Americule’s Polyball™ has even adopted James’ wife’s name: Karolee Sifter Cleaning Ball.

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Seeing how it serves in the milling industry, we consider the Polyballs™ literally our bread and butter product. However, Americule manufactures a wide variety of products. Polymax mallets, pipes and pipe fittings, impact pads for machines, spray nozzles and wear plates are among our most popular lines. In addition, Americule has a growing number of custom molding projects, including cyclones, pump liners and impellers, scrapers and spreaders. We’re finding all sorts of abrasive areas where our product can benefit our customers.

There are no second first impressions.

Americule sells quality products at a fair price and we ship in as timely a manner as possible. We are proud of our product and will work with every one of our customers personally. In short, we are confident you’ll be impressed with our product and our service. We thank you for the opportunity to work together.

Americule stands on Faith, Family, a belief in the United States Constitution and Freedom. Americule does its best to purchase and use American-made products and equipment.

Finally, when James and Karolee were thinking of company names, they wanted the name to reflect what it manufactured, so the acronym for Americule:

Aggregate | Mining | Elevators | Railroad | Industry | Concrete | Utilities | Logging | Elastomers

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  • State of the art closed mold and multi-cavity techniques that produce parts of unsurpassed quality.
  • Proprietary core technology capable of producing complex internal shapes.
  • Permanent production molds or prototype molding from an existing shape.
  • Molding onto existing parts to create a wear surface.
  • Ceramic composites.
  • FDA approved materials.
  • Product Evaluation and Development.

Americule has enjoyed continued growth despite this past decade’s recession because we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and continuing to produce premium products.

Our management staff has many years of collective experience in molding, engineering and producing urethane products.

The Americule Mission Statement

• To supply purchasers of molded elastomeric urethanes with quality products through the proper use of mold design techniques and high-performance urethanes.

• To utilize a “cradle to grave” approach in working with our customers and stressing that urethane products are constantly involved in the process of ongoing improvement.

• To challenge the steel, ceramic, rubber and urethane products which are utilized in abrasion and wear applications and to continually search for and develop new processes in which to outperform these products.

• To seek out and discover new applications for utilizing the “Core Technology”, to revolutionize abrasion resistant piping and to convert multiple part products into one piece moldings.

Through utilization of quality molds, chemicals, and processing equipment, products are to be delivered on time and within customer specifications.

All processing and production techniques are to be as environmentally friendly as technologically feasible.

At Americule, we strive to be a 100% environmentally friendly manufacturing facility!

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