Avoid Downtime Headaches –



Avoid Downtime Headaches –

wheatA grain mill has a myriad of challenges; handling incoming grain, conditioning, breaking, reduction, purifying, sifting, conveying, blending and packaging.

The milling industry includes different process steps, equipment types and products. This calls for a supplier that thoroughly understands your needs, potential problems and can provide insight and resources to solve your milling problems.

One of the most difficult problems to overcome is downtime. This is partially due to the array of processes required to get the finished product out-the-door!

Americule is positioned to help you spend less time with downtime by providing one of the most critical solutions for deblinding the vibrating screens used in the sifting process. The sifting process, of all the various production steps, demands strict attention in order to alleviate plugged screens.

Abrasion resistant, polyurethane Polyballs™ added to the grain as it is being sifted takes advantage of the planned vibrations of the screen causing the continual bouncing of the balls on the screen which inhibits screen clogging.

Avoid costly downtime with the long-lasting, extremely abrasion resistant, non-porous, FDA approved, premium quality, polyurethane screen cleaning Polyballs™ from Americule.

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