Conquer Build-Up Nightmares –



Conquer Build-Up Nightmares –

Build-up or “blinding” on vibrating screens is a maintenance nightmare. It causes a decrease in productivity and adds to unnecessary downtime.

Downtime is the miller’s number one enemy.

Screen cleaning balls are available in a variety of compounds designed to suit specific application requirements. Polyurethane balls, or Polyballs™ as they are known in the industry, offer the widest variety of responsive solutions. They are extremely chemical and abrasion resistant which provides for tremendous wear life and optimum cleaning action.
Industrial sieves and vibrating screens require built-in screen cleaning solutions in order to maintain high productivity, keep operating costs low and downtime to a minimum, as well as to maintain a safe working environment for workers.

This is where deblinding balls, cubes or Polyballs™ come into play.

Industrial strainers (sieves) are available in a variety of configurations and most are designed to run continuously for extended periods of time. So the task of self-cleaning is critical to their efficiency.
This automation is made practical using deblinding balls, Polyballs™ poly-cubes and pan cleaners and is applicable in most processing industries (mainly pharmaceutical, coatings, liquid food and dry food industries).

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