Americule Impact Material (AIM™)

Soft Moldable Energy Dissipating Urethane

High Performance | Soft Polyurethane

Americule’s new impact material, AIM™, is a unique, premium material with great impact reduction capabilities. Unlike other polyurethanes which utilize compression for reducing the energy created upon impact, AIM™ dissipates the energy throughout the molded product–similar to a rock impacting water.

AIM™ absorbs approximately 92 percent of the force upon impact, making it an ideal candidate to absorb energy and prevent damage, loss or injury to you or your product. The softest formulation of AIM™ is measured on a Shore OOO-S durometer and yet it’s still moldable. Americule can mold a wide-range of AIM™ formulations into sheets or any complex shape you may need to meet your unique specifications.

AIM™ has great stretch-ability and recovers over time.

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  • Energy Dissipation
    Absorbs 92 percent of force upon impact.
  • Withstands Hundreds of Gs
    Capable of taking an impact of more than 200 G-Forces.
  • Molding Shore OOO
    Softest moldable urethane in the world
  • Elastomeric Memory
    Returns to original shape after elongation.
  • Multiple Options of AIM™ Products Available
    Custom product configuration requests are encouraged.
    • Sheet Stock
      AIM™ stock sheets are available direct to you from Americule in the sizes you need for your application, from 1/4″ through 1″ thick and to 24″ x 24″ sheets.
    • Custom Molded Shapes
      AIM™ can be molded into any shape and size you need to solve your impact problems. Call 800.535.9007 to discuss options about your molded parts.


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Americule Impact Material (AIM™):


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For product safety specifications, please download the AIM™ SAFETY DATA SHEET.

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