AIM™ High-Impact Attributes Provide Solutions

With our ability to mold complex shapes with even the softest AIM™ formulation, we believe we can meet your impact resistance needs. Below you’ll find a variety of shapes and sizes that offer an example of the impact material’s moldability.

We have also included a section titled malleability to show how soft, squishy and stretchy the AIM™ really is.

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Complex molded impact parts are standard at Americule. AIM™ is the softest moldable polyurethane on the market. Not only can AIM™ be molded into any size ball, half-sphere, donut, dimpled sheet or straight sheet imaginable, it can be molded with a variety of fabric backings. We’ve molded AIM(TM) with velcro, canvas, latex and more. Call us at 800.535.9007 with your impact resistant needs and together we’ll figure out a solution.

AIM™ Ball: Americule Inc. can mold a variety of sized spheres to fill any impact material needs you may be able to solve with a ball. Looking for a dead drop ball? Americule is all set to mold spheres from 1/2″ to 4″ in diameter; and most sizes in between.

AIM™ Dimple Sheet: Aside from molding straight sheet stock, AIM™ is molded into various waffle-like sheets. Polyurethane is not the lightest material, so Americule has developed an idea to lighten the product, use less material and still provide very close to the same impact resistance by molding dimples into the AIM™ sheet stock. Sheets are available from 1/2″ to 2″ thick and can be made up to 24″ by 24″.

AIM™ Insole: Americule’s men’s and women’s shock absorbing AIM™ insole reduces impact on the foot by nearly 15 percent when used in a top-of-the-line impact resistant sneaker. Call us at 800.535.9007 today to discuss your needs.

AIM™ Half Sphere Sheet: Sheets of half spheres are molded with a fabric backing. It is lighter than sheet stock yet still has great impact reduction capabilities. Like the dimpled sheet, these AIM™ half spheres are available from ½” sphere diameter to 2″ sphere diameter and are molded onto a variety of materials to lighten the overall product and provide superior impact resistance.

AIM™ Half Sphere: Americule can mold AIM™ half spheres from ½” diameter to 5″ diameter. Half spheres like these are currently being used in the equine industry. See our Testimonials page for more information. Just imagine how they could improve your custom impact resistance needs.

AIM™ Plug: Molded as one piece, this small plug demonstrates that complex parts, big or small are not a problem, even with the world’s softest urethane. Custom shapes of resiliant impact absorbing material can be designed to solve your industry needs.

AIM™ Sheet: AIM™ sheet stock is available in a variety of sizes from 1/4″ to 1″ thick and up to 24″ by 24″. Call us at 800.535.9007 to discuss your impact resistant needs and we can explore a sheet size solution with you.

AIM™ Tubing: With the impact material’s superior ability to be stretched, molded tubing with a variety of diameters (both interior and exterior), could be the protective sheath you’re looking for.




Understandably the softest moldable polyurethane in the world can be squished with two fingers, pressed by a fist or stretched to nearly four times its original size, but it also returns quickly to its original shape. Even the softest formulation of AIM™ has a memory, though the rebound quickens as the formulations increase in hardness. One may not suspect though that a material that can be squished with two fingers could hold the weight of a horse! Visit our Testimonials page for more information.

AIM™ Ball Squish: As the softest, moldable polyurethane on the market, it’s easy to see how pliable AIM™ is, squishing to half its height under two fingers.

AIM™ Smash: Large 4″ half spheres can be smashed by a fist and withstand the weight of a horse’s hoof. It is a solution to impact stress across multiple industries.

AIM™ Stretch: A small plug, about 1″ in length, stretches to nearly four times that length without tearing and returns to its original shape.



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