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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Our team at Americule believes the best way to tell you what our innovative Americule Impact Material (AIM™) can do is to show you.


Watch this short video and ask yourself:


How can AIM™ solve my impact challenges?

Whether you’re looking at off-loading, relieving pressure or protecting a fragile product for shipping, we have developed the American-made material you need for your next product line.


AIM™ features:

  • Available in multiple shapes to suit your requirements
  • The same shape and size of the product can be formulated with a variety of impact absorbing values
  • The shape retention provides repeated, redundant use
  • Custom thicknesses available to suit width and size configurations
  • Does not absorb liquid spills
  • Long lasting


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Americule Impact Material (AIM™):

Characteristics: – Please review the extraordinary characteristics of this impact absorption product.
Formulations: – For detailed information on the variety of formulations available to suit your needs.
Testimonials: – See what customers are saying about the new AIM™ Impact Material.


Please review our Technical Data Page for more specific product information.
For product safety specifications, please download the AIM™ Safety Data Sheet.

We are looking forward to working with you to create profitable solutions to your impact absorption issues!
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