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Americule Impact Material (AIM-TM), the world’s softest moldable polyurethane, absorbs massive amounts of impact, dissipating the energy like water. Even in its infancy, folks are already experiencing first-hand the effects of using this revolutionary material. Here’s what AIM™ users are saying:

I was an avid runner for more than 50 years. I had to stop running at a high level due to pain in my back and feet. After using the AIM material in my running shoes I was able to resume running on a regular basis.
In 2016 you sent me samples of the AIM, impact-absorbing polymer. I cut the AIM into inserts for my running shoes. I placed the inserts under my cloth pad that was already in my shoe. At that time the shoes were more than 50-percent worn. After a few weeks, I happened to be sitting down to remove my shoes. I normally stand and stretch to remove my shoes. While sitting I noticed my shoes did not sit flat on the ground. I looked at the bottom of my shoes and noticed a full 25 percent of the heel of my shoe was worn away. I was amazed because when running shoes wear you usually start to notice pain in either, the foot, ankle, calf muscle, knee, hip or lower back. This pain is normal for most runners and is attributed to worn shoes. In my case, I had no indication the shoes were worn. I ran as fast as I have all year with no pain. I believe the polymer was absorbing the impact and it was forming to the shape of my foot with every step. For this reason, I did not notice the shoe wear.
I have approximately 750 miles on the AIM inserts in running shoes. All in all, I have never had any negative reactions with any of the AIM inserts. All were positive experiences. I believe the AIM has allowed me the opportunity to continue running with no pain or injuries.
I have been running for exercise for more than 50 straight years. I am not a world-class runner. After all these years I know when there are differences in my shoes from the various aches, pains, and running performances.
Also, I placed one set of AIM inserts in my casual shoes. These particular shoes have constantly caused my back to ache while walking. The pain would start when walking less than a block. I now walk any distance with no pain.

Ed, Colorado

I feel compelled to tell everyone about this amazing product. My 26-year-old thoroughbred, Harry, fractured his knee a few months ago when he fell down racing around the pasture (yes – he’s still frisky at his age). My vet said it would take about 6 months to heal and during this time, he would need complete stall rest. I was extremely concerned about his discomfort and the threat of founder in his good leg, which is a common occurrence for horses with an injured leg.
Fortunately, I found this new product and applied the Half Round to Harry’s bad leg. It immediately made a huge difference in his comfort level and his attitude changed quickly. He was able to bear weight comfortably on the leg with the broken knee, which reduced pressure on his good leg. He miraculously recovered from the injury, which is rare for a 26-year-old horse. I truly don’t believe this great result could have happened without the AIM Half Round.
I highly recommend the AIM product and will definitely be using it in the future.

Sandy, Arizona

I participated in the Ride the Rockies with the aid of Americule’s AIM-TM miracle impact-resistant inserts. I rode over 447 miles in 7 days with 32,337 feet of elevation gain. I rode over Wolf Creek Pass (elevation 10,850 feet), Coal Bank Pass (10,640 feet), Molas Pass (10,910 feet), Red Mountain Pass (11,018 feet), and Monarch Pass (11,312 feet). It was breathtaking with lots o hours in the saddle. With AIM-TM inserts in my saddle and gloves that significantly lowered the impact on my behind, shoulders, and hands, I was able to get up these passes on my bike and recover quickly.

Kelley, Colorado

I’m writing to you to let you know how happy my feet and body are since inserting your insoles into my shoes. The shock absorbency is beyond belief!
It has been over a year since I have been able to walk to work. I am now enjoying my five-mile round trip walk to work and back. I have dusted off my bike and am now enjoying a pain-free ride pedaling to the grocery store and around town.
I was an avid runner but with a knee replacement and ankle surgery that required new ligaments, tendons, screws, and anchors all on the same leg, I never thought I would run again. But due to the insoles, I have just started running on the treadmill again without pain.
To know that one pair of insoles can be inserted in various shoes, never wear out, and deliver such pain-free results is a wonderful way to start every day!

Thanks again!
Jerilyn, Colorado

When Bert Parks used to croon to the newly-crowned Miss America decades ago, he used a line I’ve never forgotten: “Walking on air she is.”
Every morning as I float around Lake Estes I recall those words, and I appreciate the liners you provided for my running shoes. Thank you.
My step is light, my heart is full, and I feel not unlike Roger Bannister on that fateful afternoon in 1954, ready to break the record for the mile.
I hope you get the recognition you deserve as you move this product forward. It’s a winner for me, and my knees whisper “thanks” with every stride I take.

All best, and thanks again,
Robert, Colorado


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