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Solving Wear-Related Problems with Tough, Polyurethane Products

Abrasion Resistance | Multi-Industry Applications

Since 1994, Americule has produced highly abrasion resistant thermoset polyurethanes that are currently and successfully used in the Food, Milling, Mining, Aggregate and Wood industries.

If your company has an application where the current materials are not performing well due to premature failure from wear or abrasion, then we invite you to consider the advantages of working with Americule and our line of thermoset polyurethanes and composites.

Americule manufactures tough, longer lasting premium polyurethane products.

Our screen cleaning products have become our most popular line, but our family-operated company has the knowledge and capability of solving your wear-related problems.

In many applications, our material is lighter and more wear resistant than hardened steel. Our Polymax urethane’s tremendous wear resistant quality is available in a variety of popular products including pipes and pipe fittings, wear plates, impact pads for machines, cyclones, pump liners and impellers, spray nozzles, scrapers and spreaders to name a few.

At Americule, we are strategically capable of producing components that require special curve steel plate bonding, ceramic hex tiles added to the mold and custom spot weld pockets molded into the final product.

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Product examples:

  • piping
  • spray nozzles
  • cyclones
  • mallets
  • impact pads
  • pump impellers
  • pump liners
  • conveyor parts
  • ceramic tiled products
  • screen cleaning balls
  • bumpers
  • scraper and spreader parts
  • mining and aggregate part
  • other custom molded components for almost any industry

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