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Build-up or “blinding” on vibrating screens is a maintenance headache, causing loss of productivity and downtime. In many industries screen cleaning balls are vital to the effectiveness of the sifting / grading process.

Polyball™ Shaker Screen Cleaning Balls are available direct to you from Americule stock in the sizes you need for your application, from 1/2″ through 2″ diameter. And custom formulations are available!

The Polyball™ from Americule incorporates advanced molding technology that brings you the advantages of high-performance polyurethane at competitive prices. The physical properties of the premium-grade polyurethane utilized with Polyball™ offer a phenomenal improvement over commonly available rubber balls.


  • Solid Cast Thermoset Polyurethane
        Superior to all rubber compounds
  • Extreme Abrasion Resistance
        Tremendous wear life reduces maintenance
  • Non-Porous Oil, Moisture, Chemical Resistant
        Fights caking and build-up, will not deteriorate
  • Optimum Rebound Resilience and Durometer (Hardness)
        Maximum cleaning action, will not damage screens
  • FDA Approved for Dry, Aqueous and Fatty Foods
        No contamination, bacteriologically safe
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