Quality Control

Americule’s Quality Assurance Is Company Standard

Quality Inspection | Premium Products


Top-Notch Quality Inspection

Americule strives to provide its customers with premium products. In order to ensure our highly abrasion resistant polyurethanes are up to Americule standards every product we make goes through multiple steps of inspection.

Dialed In

Before we even get started, Americule employees check calibration of our urethane processing machine on a daily basis. There is little room for error – our top-quality urethane properties depend on it.

Production Line

As each part is demolded it is inspected by our trained production team, looking for any defects that may affect the product functionally or aesthetically.

Inspection Room

Americule inspectors look over all products again in our well-lit inspection room, looking closely piece-by-piece for any imperfections.

Packaging and Shipping

Trained eyes give each product another final look-over as it’s being packaged for shipping.

We’re confident every product that goes out our doors fulfills our high standards for our customers’ satisfaction.

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